List of decision records.

Fostering Collaborative Architecture: Decision Records

Collaboration is the most essential part of the architecture. More people in the room will produce more alternatives, challenge each other, and end up with better results in the long run. It also doesn’t matter if we get it right when there is not enough buy-in. A collaborative nature should intertwine all stages: thinking, feedback, implementation, documentation, and reflection (which could lead to revision). Decision records helped me improve teamwork and transparency in these areas over the years....

March 14, 2024 · 9 min
Diagram: Employee module exposes salary to payroll and salary benchmarking modules.

Navigating Domain Corruption, Dependencies and Simplicity

Assuming we and our teams bought into domain-driven design, the next question is, how do we interact between modules? Giving access to domain entities sounds like a great idea, but it carries consequences. There is a good argument to be had for exposing entities. After all, we spend a lot of effort ensuring our code expresses our domain well. On top of that, we ensure data can’t get into an invalid state, and trying to do so returns a descriptive error....

February 25, 2024 · 6 min